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List Description
academic-faculty-announce Mathematical Institute Permanent Faculty announcements list
admissions-group Undergraduate Admissions procedure discussion list
admissions-offices Undergraduate Admissions Offices discussion list
affiliate-faculty-announce Mathematical Institute Affiliate Faculty announcements list
affiliate-researchers-announce Mathematical Institute Affiliate Researchers announcements list
algebra-announce Algegra research group announcements list
algebra-panel-discuss Algebra Panel discussion list
analysis-panel-discuss Analysis Panel discussion list
casual-teaching-services-announce Maths Casual Teaching Services announcement list
ccg-announce CCG postgrad self-managed announcements list
cmb-discuss CMB discussion list
cmb-social CMB social list
cohesion-discuss Department social cohesion discussion list
cryptography-seminar-announce Cryptography Seminars announcements list
data-science-announce Data Science announcements list
data-science-faculty-announce Data Science Group announcements list
data-science-seminars-announce Data Science Seminars announcements list
departmental-committee-announce Mathematical Institute Departmental Committee announcements list
departmental-faculty-meeting-announce Departmental + Faculty Meetings announcements list
emeritus-announce Mathematical Institute Emeritus announcements list
executive-committee-discuss Mathematical Institute Executive Committee discussion list
finance-committee-discuss Mathematical Institute Finance Committee discussion list
fm-extra-announce [no description available]
fm-managers Facilities Management ROQ site managers mailing list
fm-staff-announce Mathematical Institute FM Staff announcements list
geometry-announce Geometry group announcements list
geometry-postgrad-announce Geometry group postgraduate announcements list
geoscience-announce Geoscience announcements list
gnt-panel-discuss Geometry and Number Theory Panel discussion list
graduate-admissions-discuss Graduate Admissions discussion list
infmathbio-discuss Inference for Mathematical Biology discussion group list
infomm-cdt-academics-discuss INFOMM CDT academics discussion list
infomm-cdt-iec-discuss INFOMM CDT Industrial Engagement Committee discussion list
infomm-cdt-industry-announce INFOMM CDT industry contacts announcements list
infomm-cdt-sc-discuss INFOMM CDT Steering Committee discussion list
logic-announce Logic Group announcements list
logic-panel-discuss Logic Panel discussion list
logic-postgrad-announce Logic Group postgraduate announcements list
management-team Mathematical Institute Senior Operations Management Team discussion list
masters-students-announce Mathematical Institute masters students announcements list
mathematrix-discuss Mathematrix discussion list
mathmethods-panel-discuss Mathematical Methods Panel discussion list
mathphysics-panel-discuss Mathematical Physics Panel discussion list
maths-in-society-seminar-announce Maths in Society Seminar series announcements list
mbm-group-announce Mathematical brain modelling group announcements list
mcf-announce MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance students announcements list
mcf-faculty-announce Mathematical and Computational Finance faculty and research staff announce list
mcf-postgrad-announce Mathematical and Computational Finance Dphil students announce list
mcfg-announce Mathematical and Computational Finance Group announce list
mcfg-newsletter Mathematical and Computational Finance Group Newsletter
members-announce Umbrella list to mail to departmental members
mf-dip-announce Mathematical Institute Part-Time Diploma in Mathematical Finance Postgraduate students announcements list
mf-msc-announce Mathematical Institute Part-Time MSc in Mathematical Finance Postgraduate students announcements list
mfocs-announce Mathematical Institute Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science MSc students announcements list
mmathphys-announce Mathematical Institute Masters in Mathematical Physics students announcements list
mmsc-announce Mathematical Institute Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing MSc students announcements list
murc-admin MURC College Reps List
murc-members MURC Executive Lists
na-admin-staff-announce Numerical Analysis Group admin staff announcements list
na-announce Numerical Analysis Group announcements (umbrella) list
na-faculty-announce Numerical Analysis Group faculty announcements list
na-panel-discuss Numerical Analysis Panel discussion list
na-postgrads-announce Numerical Analysis Group postgrad announcements list
na-research-staff-announce Numerical Analysis Group research staff announcements list
na-seminar-announce Numerical Analysis Group seminar announcements list
na-visitors-announce Numerical Analysis Group visitors announcements list
networks-discuss Mathematical networks discussion list
number-theory-announce Number Theory Group announcements list
ociam-faculty-announce OCIAM faculty announcements list
ociam-internal-announce OCIAM members (internal) announcements list
ociam-network-announce OCIAM Network announcements list
omms-announce Mathematical Institute Oxford Masters in Mathematical Sciences MSc students announcements list
outreach-helpers-announce Outreach helpers announcements list
outreach-speakers-announce Outreach speakers announcements list
oxford-mathematics-public-lectures Oxforf Mathematics Public Lectures announcements mailing list
oxford-maths-ambassadors-announce Oxford Maths Ambassadors announcements list
oxford-optimisation-announce Oxford Optimisation Researchers announcements list
oxpde-centre-members OXPDE Centre Members list
pde-cdt-announce PDE CDT students announcements list
pdra-announce Mathematical Institute Postdoctoral Research Assistants announcements list
postgrad-announce Mathematical Institute Postgraduate students (umbrella) announcements list
postgrad-discuss Mathematical Institute Postgraduate Students discusssion list
promys-europe-counsellors-announce PROMYS Europe announcements for counsellor applications
promys-europe-students-announce PROMYS Europe announcements for student applications
ramp-discuss Rapid Assistance Modelling Pandemics discussion list
random-matrix-theory-announce Random Matrix Theory group announcements list
randomsystems-cdt-academics Random Systems CDT academics discussion list
ref-announce REF 2014 announcements mailing list
research-committee-discuss Mathematical Institute Research Committee discussion list
research-fellows-announce Mathematical Institute Research Fellows announcements list
research-group-editorial-assistants Research Group Editorial Assistants list
research-students-announce Mathematical Institute research students announcements list
research-supervisors-announce Research Students Supervisors announcements list
sdmi-panel-discuss SDMI Panel discussion list
siam-student-chapter-announce SIAM Student Chapter Announcements List
siam-student-chapter-internal SIAM Student Chapter Committee Mailing List
spectra-discuss LGBT+ and Ally Network discussion list
staff-announce Umbrella list to mail to departmental employees
support-staff-announce Mathematical Institute Support Staff announce list
support-staff-discuss Mathematical Institute Support Staff discussion list
support-staff-notdiscuss Mathematical Institute Support Staff NOT discussion list
tda-group-meeting-announce TDA group meetings mailing list
tda-network-announce TDA network announcements list
tda-seminar-announce Topological Data Analysis Seminar announce list
teaching-committee-discuss Teaching Committee discussion list
teaching-faculty-announce Teaching Faculty of Mathematics announcements list
testing-announce List for testing mailiman!
topology-announce Topology Group announcements (umbrella) list
topology-faculty-announce Topology Group faculty announcements list
topology-postgrads-announce Topology Group postgrads announcements list
topology-research-staff-announce Topology Group research staff announcements list
tutors-all Tutors at all colleges discussion list (automatic combination of the per college lists)
tutors-balliol Tutors at Balliol College discussion list
tutors-brasenose Tutors at Brasenose College discussion list
tutors-christchurch Tutors at Christ Church College discussion list
tutors-corpus Tutors at Corpus Christi College discussion list
tutors-exeter Tutors at Exeter College discussion list
tutors-hertford Tutors at Hertford College discussion list
tutors-jesus Tutors at Jesus College discussion list
tutors-keble Tutors at Keble College discussion list
tutors-lincoln Tutors at Lincoln College discussion list
tutors-lmh Tutors at Lady Margaret Hall discussion list
tutors-magdalen Tutors at Magdalen College discussion list
tutors-mansfield Tutors at Mansfield College discussion list
tutors-merton Tutors at Merton College discussion list
tutors-newcoll Tutors at New College discussion list
tutors-nocollege Tutors with no college affiliation etc discussion list
tutors-oriel Tutors at Oriel College discussion list
tutors-pembroke Tutors at Pembroke College discussion list
tutors-queens Tutors at The Queen's College discussion list
tutors-somerville Tutors at Somerville College discussion list
tutors-stannes Tutors at St Anne's College discussion list
tutors-stbenets Tutors at St Benet's College discussion list
tutors-stcatz Tutors at St Catherine's College discussion list
tutors-stedmundhall Tutors at St Edmund Hall discussion list
tutors-sthildas Tutors at St Hilda's College discussion list
tutors-sthughs Tutors at St Hugh's College discussion list
tutors-stjohns Tutors at St John's College discussion list
tutors-stpeters Tutors at St Peter's College discussion list
tutors-trinity Tutors at Trinity College discussion list
tutors-universitycoll Tutors at University College discussion list
tutors-wadham Tutors at Wadham College discussion list
tutors-worcester Tutors at Worcester College discussion list
ug-announce Undergraduate students announcements (umbrella) list
ug-year1-announce Undergraduates, Year 1, All courses students announcements (umbrella) list
ug-year2-announce Undergraduates, Year 2, All courses students announcements (umbrella) list
ug-year3-announce Undergraduates, Year 3, All courses students announcements (umbrella) list
ug-year4-announce Undergraduates, Year 4, All courses students announcements (umbrella) list
ugm-year1-announce Undergraduates, Year 1, Mathematics course students announcements list
ugm-year2-announce Undergraduates, Year 2, Mathematics course students announcements list
ugm-year3-announce Undergraduates, Year 3, Mathematics course students announcements list
ugm-year4-announce Undergraduates, Year 4, Mathematics course students announcements list
ugmc-year1-announce Undergraduates, Year 1, Mathematics and Computation course students announcements list
ugmc-year2-announce Undergraduates, Year 2, Mathematics and Computation course students announcements list
ugmc-year3-announce Undergraduates, Year 3, Mathematics and Computation course students announcements list
ugmc-year4-announce Undergraduates, Year 4, Mathematics and Computation course students announcements list
ugmp-year1-announce Undergraduates, Year 1, Mathematics and Philosophy course students announcements list
ugmp-year2-announce Undergraduates, Year 2, Mathematics and Philosophy course students announcements list
ugmp-year3-announce Undergraduates, Year 3, Mathematics and Philosophy course students announcements list
ugmp-year4-announce Undergraduates, Year 4, Mathematics and Philosophy course students announcements list
ugms-year1-announce Undergraduates, Year 1, Mathematics and Statistics course students announcements list
ugms-year2-announce Undergraduates, Year 2, Mathematics and Statistics course students announcements list
ugms-year3-announce Undergraduates, Year 3, Mathematics and Statistics course students announcements list
ugms-year4-announce Undergraduates, Year 4, Mathematics and Statistics course students announcements list
visiting-students-announce Mathematical Institute visiting research students announcements list
visitors-announce Mathematical Institute Visitors announcements list

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